The Eight Categories of Wellness

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People think of “wellness” as a narrowly focused concept. It’s weird because if you press someone, it’s likely that they will backpedal and express that wellness is something wholistic in some way. But when we talk about it, we usually just mean “emotional wellness.” Research suggests that there are eight categories of wellness: Occupational, your career and work; Financial, regarding how you are with money; Emotional, how you feel; Intellectual/Creative, which is how stimulated you are in your life; Social, your friendships AND romantic relationships; Environmental, which is not your sustainability factor - it’s how healthy the environment you occupy is; and Spiritual, which can mean both/either your religiosity and/or your fervor for what you do in a day. We’re working on all 8 categories of wellness, and recently created a new brief assessment for the balance of these categories. If you think that’s interesting, check out what’s new in the bite the bullets!

Bite the bullets

  • We’re announcing a $2M project with a financial wellness org: This has been in the works for a while! We’re working with YOUNITY to create financial wellness profiles to help people get their finances in order. This is big because there’s $12T in private debt in the US alone not including housing, and most people are living paycheck to paycheck.

  • The personality app updates: We’ve made some design updates to make it easier to connect with one person at the time and you can now invite people by email outside of the app. Check out the new stuff!

  • Our Discord: if you want to talk to people about personality/behavior. We’re finally setting up the community, and there’s going to be something very cool happening in our Discord by the end of summer! You will have to join to find out what it is.

  • The beta: If you want to talk about your eight categories of wellness, you can respond to this directly and I can set up a time to talk about it. Let me know with a simple reply!

That’s it, go back to whatever you’re procrastinating!

Peter DePaulo, Co-founder

About Sophonaut

Sophonaut means “wisdom sailor” and was founded by Peter DePaulo and Tyler Capps . It’s a project with the intent of solving several problems that humanity faces by attacking the most upstream problem: people don’t understand and cannot control their own behavior.

The approach here is to hijack desire to move people up on the scale of their own development. Our models for this are based on a modified version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a ton of personality psychology, and Robert Kegan’s model of adult development.

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