Farewell, Thriving Thursday

Hey all!

Well, sometimes things don’t work out and this is what this one is about. It's a bummer, but we're winding down the previous project (BestHelp.coach) and chalking it up to a learning experience.

What’s going on?

Last year, we invested quite a lot of time in a platform to match coaches with prospective clients. We worked on this idea for several months and there was a reasonable amount of demand to keep us excited.

The problem arose when we it dawned on us that this project was neither fish nor fowl. Meaning: it couldn't quite grow large enough to be a "scalable startup" and it wasn't low maintenance enough to be a "small business"; at least not on a timeline that fit our needs. So for that reason, we're closing shop on BestHelp.coach before it even begins, stopping production of the Thought Crimes podcast, and shuttering this newsletter.

In a way, the research phase was successful in that we got a definitive answer from the exploration. If that makes you sad, don't worry we're still building something exciting!

What's next for the Sophonaut team?

We took our insane amount of data on personal growth and development, swept all our learnings into a neat pile and sat in front of the proverbial white board. After a bunch of prototyping, hemming and hawing, we struck on something very interesting.

We've invented a new mystical science, and if you're interested in following along, you’ll get another email tomorrow! I'll let you find out about it there.

If this is where you get off the Sophonaut train, thanks for getting on in the first place! If you want to keep the good times rolling, look out for an email on... Time Alchemy.

See you soon,

Peter DePaulo